A New Change

This past week has been a rollarcoaster on so many levels.  Between all the things I’m involved in and classes I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and read in my Bible like I should. One of the many amazing things that I love about SC is that every Wednesday morning at 11:00 … Continue reading

2012 in Review

I decided to do a year in review like I did last year since 2012 has been quite monumental for me. January: Kicked off the new year by celebrating my eighteenth birthday with my parents and my best friend since Kindergarten, A. We stayed here at home and had a nice home cooked meal of … Continue reading

Day Four: My Surgeon

I’m thankful for my surgeon, Dr. Cusick.  Two years ago when I first met him I was nervous to meet with him, mostly because every other time I’ve gone to see a new surgeon things had gone bad.  Within five minutes of meeting Dr. Cusick, I felt at ease with him; I felt that I … Continue reading

Day Three: Theatre

I’m thankful that after all these years I still get excited when the curtain opens and the lights on stage are brought up.  Theatre has continued to stay a part of my life some how since I first began acting at girl scout’s camp so many years ago.  I feel so alive when I’m a … Continue reading